The Great Commission IS Christianity

For some reason we have developed levels or ranks in Christianity. I’m not sure when this started, but it certainly wasn’t in the first century. I think I’ve accurately identified the different level Christians that exist: New Believer Church Goer Church Member Ministry Helper Ministry Leader Deacon Elder Senior Pastor Missionary New Tribes Missionary Again, … More The Great Commission IS Christianity

Ghostbusters: What the Bible Says about the Paranormal

I personally like scary movies. I think it’s fun to jump in your seat. I actually think most scary movies are stupid because like all movies, I expect a plot (weird I know) and good characters (who don’t willingly hide in exitless basements). There’s a couple of things that bother me as a Christian. I … More Ghostbusters: What the Bible Says about the Paranormal

Misunderstanding “Repentance” Is Confusing the Gospel

Repentance is brought up a lot in Gospel presentations. I can already hear someone saying, “And rightfully so!” But is “repentance” a “part” of salvation? That’s where the misunderstanding comes in to play. If when you say “repentance” you mean, “stop sinning before coming to Jesus,” then you are dead wrong. If we could stop … More Misunderstanding “Repentance” Is Confusing the Gospel

Stop saying, “It’s a Miracle!” If It’s Not a Miracle

First, What’s a Miracle? The boring dictionary definition is “an event that is contrary to the established laws of nature and attributed to a supernatural cause.” That’ll work. So when God steps in and does something truly impossible – that’s a miracle. I think sometimes we water-down important words by making them so commonplace. I … More Stop saying, “It’s a Miracle!” If It’s Not a Miracle