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Yeah, Joe wrote a book.  I spent a year investigating Christian schools trying to figure out what they were doing to disciple their students. I used surveys and interviews to actually determine what was effective and truly working.  I figured Christian schools just did a whole bunch of spiritual stuff and figured that some of it would stick, so I wanted to determine what was objectively working and creating disciples

Discipleship is kind of a squirrelly thing to measure.  So I used 4 objective criteria for measuring purposes:

  • Biblical Knowledge
  • Christian Worldview
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • and Practical Discipleship

Individually, they fall far short of what discipleship entails but together they can help paint a picture.  It’s almost more useful to see which of these aspects are lacking.  If a student isn’t gaining biblical knowledge then there is a flaw in impartation.  Likewise, if a student doesn’t have a Christian Worldview or isn’t living out the spiritual disciplines then there is a problem in application.  Finally, we believe that disciples make disciple-making disciples.  A student is most effective when he or she has been discipled so that they can begin discipling themselves.

So if you work in Christian Education, have a kid in Christian school, or know someone like that you want to but a book for, click on the pic below, and there’s Free shipping & handling while supplies last.

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