When did Follow Me become follow me?

When did “Follow Me” become follow me?

Didn’t Jesus invite us into his life?

So why are we inviting him into ours?

Aren’t we lost?

Aren’t we astray?

Wasn’t the point of His coming to rescue us?

Didn’t Jesus already endure this fallen world?

Does He have to do it again, but with us this time?

Are we that self-absorbed?

Are we that self-important?

Was His first coming not good enough?

Did He not complete His work on the cross?

Is Jesus not the most incredible being we could imagine?

Could there be anyone better?

Could there be anyone greater?

Why would we NOT want to join into His life?

Doesn’t our life lead to death?

And doesn’t His life lead to eternity?

Are we that nuts?

Are we that crazy?

Are we using Him to just make our lives slightly better?

Do we want Jesus to just give us a nudge?

Should we really just want Him to give us a boost?

We claiming to know more?

We claiming to know better?

Do we want a better life or a changed life?

Isn’t what Jesus offers better than anything we could envision?

So why do we want Jesus to join us in this lifeless pit?

Are we confused?

Are we afraid?

What would happen if we really followed Jesus?

Could we have a new purpose?

Would it radically change our life?

Don’t we want it?

Don’t we need it?

Are we muddling the Gospel?

How destructive is it when we confuse who follows whom?

Could we be setting up false converts?

Dare we say that?

Dare we think that?

Has anything changed since Jesus’ first disciples?

Isn’t He still just saying, “Follow me”?

And aren’t we essentially just saying “No”?

Isn’t that it?

Isn’t that true?

We either follow Him or we don’t, right?

Are we Saved if we say to Jesus, “No, follow me?”

Can we just ignore His call?

Is that okay?

Is that alright?

Did Christ’s disciples not obey His voice?

Didn’t they follow knowing nothing at all?

Why would we not knowing all we know?

Isn’t that the only choice?

Isn’t that the only call?

How great has our hubris grown?

Do we dare ask God to come into our life?

When did “Follow Me” become follow me?

Will you instead Follow Him?

Will you instead Follow Jesus?

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