Would Jesus Win Every Event at The Olympics?

Yes. (Well, I don’t think anyone wants to say “No.”) My general rule of thumb is that Jesus is the Greatest Ever no matter what we are talking about. Here’s what I know: If Jesus Christ’s purpose was to be a Swimmer, than he’d be better than Michael Phelps. If Jesus Christ’s purpose was to be a Gymnast, then He’d be showing up Simone Biles. If Jesus Christ’s purpose was to do that sport which combines shooting with some other random activity like skiing or rowing, then Jesus would win all the gold medals in that too. But Jesus didn’t come to be an Olympian. He came to be a Reconciler. “To Reconcile” means “to bring back a former state of harmony.” This was Jesus Christ’s purpose, and yes He’s the G.O.A.T. when it comes to reconciliation. Jesus is the perfect (and only) Reconciler because He is the embodiment of the 2 entities in conflict – God and Man.

Colossians 1 reveals that specifically the Son of God was the Creator of the Universe. He created humans. He designed them. He knows how we work biologically, psychologically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Jesus then became human. He became His creation. He experienced our biology, psyche, intellect, emotion, and spirit. God became a man. He remained in harmony and in tune with His Heavenly Father. Every thought He had, every step He took, and every piece of bread He ate all glorified God the Father. Jesus Himself proved that man could be in harmony with God. His very essence screamed that truth. But humans were so depraved and riddled with sin that this harmony seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. Jesus Christ’s Death and Resurrection proved the solution. His Death brought peace to mankind for it satisfied the wrath of God’s justice against sinful mankind. His Resurrection brought life not only to Himself but to all those in Him. This New Life that can be attained is in harmony and in tune with God. Jesus is the Reconciler biologically, psychologically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. The Son of God became a man, so man could become sons of God.

So What Isn’t a Reconciler?


Yeah, you are the problem. If you think you can personally get closer to God, you are crazy. God does not want a slightly better version of your sinful self. He wants a new you. That’s what Jesus does.


Yeah, not sinning doesn’t solve the problem. God’s Laws are to help us realize that we need a Savior. It shouldn’t take us long to see that we are deplorably sinful and that we would fail any moral standard set before us. We realize pretty fast that we need some way to gain forgiveness. That’s what Jesus does.


Yeah, that can cause more problems. “Spirituality” can mean anything you want. Maybe you are looking to connect more with your true self (bad idea), or with some other deity (worse idea.) Maybe you want to empty yourself of bad energies or fill your self with good vibes. Well, all of that is garbage. It is repurposed Eastern Mysticism that reveals you are the Master of your Fate and the Captain of your Soul. That’s what Jesus is supposed to do.

So How Can You Be Reconciled?


He did all the work. Trust in Him. Believe in Him. Rely on Him. Christ has promised to forgive, save, redeem, and a dozen other things to make you a new you. He didn’t do 95% of the reconciling. He did all of it.


I figure that if I picked up a perfectly tuned guitar or sat down at a perfectly tuned piano, I could still get some cringe-worthy notes to come spewing out. Now that we have been reconciled we are obedient to Christ to make sure we keep playing good notes.


Meditation in Eastern and New Age Philosophies involves emptying ones self. Meditation in Christianity is about being filled with the knowledge of God. The closer you are to the mind of Christ, the more harmonious you will be with your Creator.

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