Why Does Jesus Use People to Accomplish His Will?

Jesus is beyond a super hero. Super hero’s are limited by our imaginations. Jesus is not. If His miracles recorded in the Bible aren’t clues enough. He can do anything. Here’s just some of what his miracles reveal: He can change the molecular composition of objects, duplicate matter, eliminate pathogens, repair dead tissue, alter his body density, teleport, levitate, use telepathic mind-reading, control malevolent non-corporeal entities, and self-resurrect into a physical but non-biological new body. The universe was made by and for Him. He can break any law of nature to accomplish whatever He wants. So why does Jesus use people to accomplish His Will? Like seriously. Why doesn’t He just do it all himself? If you think in terms like He is only one person whereas His followers are many and we can accomplish more together than He could individual, then you are utterly insane. Jesus could multiply Himself, or make holographic projects, or freeze time to witness to every person on the planet. He’d be better at it than we would. He’ll never mess-up, sin, or deter from the message in any way. He’d never have to work a side-job to put food on the table. He could know exactly what the other person needs to hear, and say exactly what would need to be said. So why did Jesus leave earth in the hands of a few frightened disciples? Why does Jesus not deliver every Easter sermon Himself? (I’ll totally let you guest preach JC, even last minute.) Well, here’s why I think He uses mortal humans instead.

1) We Can Change in a Way Jesus Cannot

Jesus is perfect. He was born perfect. He’ll always be perfect. So Jesus doesn’t have a story-arc of redemption. We do on the other hand. Believers go from death to life, from destruction to hope, from pointlessness to usefulness. People can see that change. It actually reveals salvation in a way Jesus can’t. Jesus was our salvation. He died on the cross for our sins, but He didn’t need anything He earned on the cross, so Jesus gave all the grace away. Our changed life legitimizes the Gospel for many people. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus would still have been the greatest event in human history. The fact that millions upon millions of people received salvation from Hell and a place in Heaven just makes sure Jesus runs away with the top spot for being the G.O.A.T.

2) We Can Reveal God’s Greatness in a More Tangible Way

Because of our weakness, we can actually reveal God’s greatness in a practical way. When God provides a need in our life, rescues us from an impossible situation, heals us from something incurable, or even just answers one of our prayer requests; God’s power is displayed because of our frailty. After a while it seemed like they expected Jesus to do amazing things, and they kept wanting to see more to “really test” who He was. Think of any movie sequel that had a smaller budget than the previous film. It always gets bigger with more explosions and more destruction. People would have demanded more of Jesus to “keep believing.” I keep using the “sarcastic quotes” because those people don’t really believe in Jesus. They just like seeing cool magic stuff. John the Baptist knew Jesus was the Messiah without seeing a single miracle. That’s faith. (I guess that’s what happens when you have the Holy Spirit in your life since being a fetus. You are in-tune with God.) Ultimately, Jesus can teach people more by doing great things in the lives of friends, families, and coworkers than He can by just sharing about His power Himself.

3) We Can be Totally Different from One Another

Jesus might always be the same, but all of us are different. Every Christian has unique giftings, experiences, and purposes for the Kingdom of God. We are unique, and we can reach other unique people that are similar to us. Jesus can send different people at different stages in a person’s life to bring them to the point of repentance and salvation. Jesus can then orchestrate all this because of His sovereign omnipotence (i.e. its like Sims.) So Jesus doesn’t need us at all. He chose to bring us a future and a hope, and now He chooses to allow us to grow in our faith so we can be drawn closer to Him and accomplish more through Him.

It’s still funny to me that God would use such fallen creatures for His honor and His glory. It seems He could accomplish more without us, but then how does that help our spiritual growth? God has always demonstrated His love towards us and by using us to accomplish His Will, He keeps that love on display.

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