Geometry and God (Godometry)

This is how we view time.


This is our line segment of time. We’re born and we die. This is our life. We can also look at all world history the same way.   The segment would be longer, but there was a start to it all and there will be an end to it at some point.


But as we dive into Scripture and our worldview begins to be conformed to the Biblical mindset, we realize that we are not a line segment but a ray.


As beings made in the image of God, we have a starting point, but because God breathed a soul into us we are now eternal beings. Our soul or spirit will live on forever. That eternity will either be spent in Heaven or Hell. That is completely dependent on whether or not we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead.


So we tend to think of God as a true line. He has no beginning and no end, right?


This might represent God according to our historical line segment, but it pales in comparison to who He truly is. God is all Space, but we’ll get there in a minute.


Let’s first take a look at a plane.


This represents our universe. It’s a plane and not a square because we have to imagine that each edge of the square extends infinitely in every direction. I know, I know we live in a 3 dimensional world, so why don’t I use a cube? Well because I’m trying to use an illustration that our brains will be able to understand. So I repeat. This plane represents our universe.


When God became a man at His first advent (the incarnation), a cube entered our plane of existence.


Now picture in your minds eye (because WordPress is not capable of this animation) the cube intersecting with the plane. What would we see of the cube? Well being that we live on Flat World the only thing we could comprehend is the flat, square that entered our plane of existence. He could tell us that He was more than just a square. He could perform impossible acts that a square could just not do, but at the end of the day it would take faith for us to believe that this being we saw who had height and width also had depth (even though no other square in history had it.)


We are 4 dimensional beings (height, width, depth, and time) trying to understand an infinitely dimensional God. We have seen some of His “sides” but we can’t even begin to understand His “shape.” At best we can use our geometric terms. God is Space. He is a cube that extends infinitely in all directions. Everything in the universe is within Him, but He transcends all that ever was, will be, or even could be.   And because God is Space, He of course can view time like this:


But He simultaneously would view time like this:


A single point. Infinitely small. All of human history taking place in a single moment of time. He doesn’t have to view time length wise at it unfolds. He also sees it by looking directly in at its point. It’s why He calls Himself the I AM. He sees all time all the time. He does not think back to the past or look forward to the future. He is the I Am. He is always present. He may seem beyond distant. And He is. But He is also intimately present in the here and now at the same time.


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2 thoughts on “Geometry and God (Godometry)

  1. Joe,
    This is a fun subject though I seem to recall a short booklet on Flatsville similarly making the case that we humans are dimensionally challenged. Using your plane and cube example makes this point as well.

    The corner of a cube touching the plane is a single infinitely small point.
    The edge of a cube touching the plane is a single line.
    The cross section of a cube parallel to any corner edge is a rectangle of variable width and constant length.
    The corner of a cube passing through my plane of existence, appears to me as a variable triangle!

    As hard as cube god might try to show himself to me in my planar universe, I would always get it wrong, as I would simply have no frame of reference to understand.

    I suspect in a flat universe a church would start declaring god a point, another that God was a line and that those who held him to be a triangle would be laughed at or burned to death flaming decades of arguments.
    Lol :-)

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