Take Your Devotions from Mundane to Insane!

From the makers of Sham Wow, the George Foreman Grill, the Snuggie, Pre-Blessed Food, and Bow-Flex now present Insane Devos!

Has your devotional time grown stale? It’s time to change it up a bit!

But there are so many different devotionals out there. What do you choose?

Insane Devos! is a 2-tiered program that will radically change your life! Don’t believe me, check out these testimonials:

“I used to read a devotional where you had like half of a verse on the top of a page with some guys opinion below it. It was really boring me. Insane Devos! is totally different than that.” ~ Joey (Florida)

“My prayer life was pretty much relegated to before meal times and as I fell asleep at night. But now I’m praying for almost an hour sometimes. Thanks Insane Devos!” ~ Joe Tony (Tampa)

“Hi, I have a Doctorate, so my opinion is more informed than yours’. Insane Devos! is actually an ancient philosophy pulled from the annuls of history. Sometimes the hot new thing is actually really old.” ~ Dr. Joseph A. (Trinity)

The 2-tiered program comes at you like a 1-2 punch. First you get hit with the left hook of Scripture Reading, and before you get your bearings the second tier sucker punches you with a Right Uppercut of Prioritizing Prayer. You might be expecting such a program to cost $200, $300, or more. If you are used to infomercials such as this perhaps you are ready for me to say it’s 3 easy, monthly payments of $19.99. But I’m not going to say that. If you read this today, you will get the entire Insane Devos! program absolutely free. In fact if you share this on your wall, all your friends can also receive this free gift of devotions absolutely free.

1st Tier – Scripture Reading

Instead of reading a small passage of Scripture, Insane Devos! tackles entire books of the Bible. The Epistles were specifically designed to be read as a letter in a single sitting. But all the books of the Bible tell a certain story. Watch His-story (see what I did there) come alive as you soak in the full picture of God’s Message to His people. With our patented Read Whatever Book You Feel Like feature, you’ll never get stuck with one particular genre for too long. Don’t read all the Gospels back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Throw one in there every couple of weeks. (Especially after Leviticus, Mark goes down real smooth like a micro-brew root beer.) Keep an eye on Historical Context because reading the Minor Prophet leading up to the event it warned about can really help those little guys come to life.

The Advantages

* More Context to the Verses You’ve Come to Love

* New Stories You Haven’t Heard in Sunday School

* See the Main Character, God, Leap off the Page

2nd Tier – Prioritizing Prayer

As Emeril would say, “Let’s kick it up a notch! Bam!” The biggest problems people have with a consistent prayer life are solved in this system. Insane Devos! hooks directly into your iCal or Google Calendar and sets up a recurring daily reminder to prompt you to set-aside time to pray. Prioritizing Prayer begins to change the set-up of your entire day. It starts putting God in the center. Insane Devos! suggests you set-up this time as early as possible, but like Netflix, prayer is always available. The second problem this Prayer tier solves is remembering prayer requests. Whether you use a digital journal, notebook and pen, or (for my really hipster friends out there) scroll and ink blot. Writing down your prayer requests, not only keeps you focused on yours and others’ requests but also tracks all the times God answered your prayers. You’ll be blown away at His Goodness and Faithfulness in your own life. Finally, start listening to see if God has anything to say to you. He doesn’t (usually) answer audibly, but you’ll be surprised by what He brings to your mind and thoughts if you just ask.

Sample Questions

* Is there anything I shouldn’t be doing that I am doing?

* Is there anything I should be doing that I’m not doing?

* Is there someone I need to witness to?

* Is there someone I’m capable of helping?

Just to reiterate the only cost to this program is your time. But ask yourself, is it more costly for you not to begin Insane Devos! today?

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