God is Light

Light has an interesting story arch in Scripture. In the first few verses in Genesis our World starts out in darkness until God says, “Let there be Light.” Now there’s no Sun or Moon to produce that light. God must be emanating that light from Himself. The final verses in Revelation 21 says exactly that. … More God is Light

In Parables Is It Better to be Taken or Left?

There’s implications on this question. Those who hold to the Rapture often point to certain parables to promote their beliefs. Likewise those who don’t believe in a Rapture of the church vehemently disagree with their interpretation. Well I don’t particularly want to enter the theological battlefield of the “Rapture,” I don’t mind trying to be … More In Parables Is It Better to be Taken or Left?

If the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Didn’t Happen, What Did Happen?

The Resurrection is the great separator, the great divider. The Resurrection either happened or it didn’t. Jesus either died and rose from the dead, or the Bible is lying, and we are believing in a lie. 1 Cor 15 rightfully claims “and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still … More If the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Didn’t Happen, What Did Happen?

The Preachers League

The Preachers League is a team of preachers within a church who join together to teach truth, justice, and the Gospel-way. This teaching team works in concert to bring the Word of God to those in the congregation. Assembling a Preachers League in your church can be incredibly valuable. It can help prevent burnout, make … More The Preachers League

Be Thankful for Discipline, Especially Gods’

Everyone hates being disciplined. Especially adults. (Especially me.) I have always felt that I’ve gotten in trouble for everything wrong I’ve done. I once got a ticket for going 66 mph in a 60 mph zone. Are you serious? I was super-nice, respectful, and everything. I got in trouble in school a lot for talking … More Be Thankful for Discipline, Especially Gods’

 The Language of Conservatives and Liberals

Language matters. Language communicates ideas and ideas matter. Language can convey love or hate, hope or fear. Language matters. Anytime I talk “politics” I always want to preface where I’m coming from. Let me try to share without using labels. I think government should let me do whatever I want as long as I don’t … More  The Language of Conservatives and Liberals