I (Generally) Support President Trump and I Support Impeachment

Let me start out with what I mean by “supporting” President Trump.  I don’t like politicians in general.  The second you think you should run for the most powerful office on earth you instantly have too much hubris and pride for me to actually like you.  But in a world of voting, I can only vote for the options I have.  Trump wasn’t my vote in the primary.  In fact I probably would have ranked him near the bottom of my choices 3 years ago.  But when he ran against Hilary Clinton, my only debate was to vote for Trump or a 3rd Party.

He’s honestly been more conservative than I anticipated.  I started detailing things I like and things I don’t like about President Trump, but I got bored with even writing it.  Needless to say, I like some things he’s done, I don’t like the way he says things most of the time, but that’s not a hot take.  This post is about IMPEACHMENT.  I’m telling you.  I like Impeachment.  In fact, I have 3 reasons why I like this particular impeachment.  Let’s go for the most serious to the least serious.

1 – The Most Serious

Let me frame the impeachment charges in the WORST light possible.  I’m definitely not saying President Trump did this, I’m just stating the allegations in the most horrific way I can.  President Trump demanded that the Ukrainians give him whatever dirt they might have on former Vice President Joe Biden and his Son Hunter Biden so that Trump can use that against Biden when the DNC rigs the primary for him to win the nomination.  And if Trump didn’t get what he wanted, then he wouldn’t give American tax dollars that was promised by Congress to the Ukrainians for their war budget so that they can buy more weapons from us. (I know he was also impeached for obstructing a congressional investigation but they could have forced Trump to comply by petitioning the Supreme Court but they didn’t do that and this sentence is already too technical and too mind-numbing to continue.)

So I’ve been posed the question, do I want the next Democrat President to do the same thing Trump just did? (because we almost without fail alternate between Dems and the GOP every 8 years since the 1800’s)  Honestly?  My initial impression without thinking about it is, “I don’t care.”  But when I think about it and analyze it, I don’t like it.  If that’s what President Trump actually did.  I would say, “no, you shouldn’t do that.”  The foreign government might give you false information just to please you or to mess up our normally calm political discourse we enjoy in this country (is there a sarcasm emoji?).  I also don’t like when a politician is asking for a personal favor.  They should just work for their constituents.  No politician should get personal gains.  Trump is certainly benefiting from the Presidency more than I’d like.  So here we go.  Impeachment is the option the legislature is given to put the President in check.  The Democrats (all but 2) thought this action of seeking personal gain from a political office is worthy of being removed from office.  Well I love it!!!  I say impeach EVERY politician that has made millions from legal kickbacks and inside information, gotten children on boards they have no business being on, connected friends and family in ways that us plebeians could never dream of, or even voted themselves exorbitant salaries and benefits and staffs for 138 days of work per year (with lifetime pensions).  Impeach every one of them.  I don’t even say this as a “what about ism”.  I’m not excusing President Trump by pointing out all the shady stuff all the other politicians do.  I’m agreeing.  Let’s clean it all up.  In all honesty I think the Ukraine allegations are pretty minor.  They don’t seem like a crime to me.  But if there are 229 Democrats that think this is worthy of impeachment, I’m glad.  President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” and I know this isn’t what he meant, but if his legacy is he scared every politician into never seeking a self-promoting deal, then thank-you President Trump for being the martyr our country needed. I honestly, honestly believe of the 535 members of Congress.  I think over 500 of them have done something more self-serving than what the President did in Ukraine and I say… Impeach them! (But the real answer is term limits [and no pension] and Ted Cruz is proposing it.  I wonder if it’ll hit the floor of the Senate.)

2 – The Mediumly Serious

I don’t like laws.  I don’t want laws.  I’m a Fiscally Conservative Libertarian Federalist.  I don’t want us to spend more money than we bring in.  I don’t want people telling me what to do.  And I think the states should handle more of the governing than Washington D.C.  I like the impeachment because it’s all Congress can talk about.  If they weren’t talking and plotting impeachment then the politicians would be talking and plotting about how to convince the American people to support asinine policies that we can’t afford and will rapidly grow the size of government.  So the most recent numbers I could find were in 2017 where we had 364,000 people who work in Washington D.C. for the federal government.  WHAT?!?!?  That’s not even counting all the lobbyist and contractors that live around there.  That number is those who work directly for the federal government!  That’s nuts.  And for some reason people keep supporting policies that will forever grow the government until we all work for it.  It’s called Progressivism and the red team and the blue team both do it, just in different areas.  But guess what?  When all the attention is on impeachment, it sucks up all the talking points.  So I don’t want much legislation passed.  I’m fine with the gridlock.  Impeachment has exposed just how politicized we are.  Democrats and Republicans threatened their more moderate members that they’ll be primaried if they stepped out of bounds.  No concern for the will of their constituents, just the will of their party.  This isn’t totally new, but the stats do show in the last 30 years, the congress is getting more and more partisan on party votes.  Impeachment just exposes this even further, and I’m glad.  If there’s a way back from this blue vs. red on every issue then it’s to totally lock-up the system.  Have every President impeached, and every nomination held up, then maybe, just maybe we could have a convention of states.  Maybe, just maybe, the American people would seize back their power and just keep voting out every incumbent.  Did you know 84 Congress people who voted in the Clinton Impeachment are STILL IN CONGRESS!!!  WHAT?!?!  How is this possible? (check the net worth on all of them, I will bet you a majority became millionaires while in office.)  And of course almost all their votes were opposite but you figured that.  Maybe a few more impeachments will get us all to say, “maybe it’s not the system that’s broken.  Maybe we just need to elect better politicians.”

3- The Least Serious

I find impeachment interesting.  I don’t watch much TV.  This is more entertaining than anything streaming right now (I’m waiting for the Witcher, I hope it’s good.)  I like talking politics, heck I like arguing politics.  I think discussion is the best way to be challenged on what you believe.  But back to the main point here.  Impeachment is just the height of political theater.   We’re getting everyone’s best speeches, tweets, and jokes.  Politicians are usually pretty boring.  Impeachment is anything but boring.  Whether you’ve been posting “Merry Impeachmas” or Congratulating President Trump on his 2020 re-election, everyone is enjoying this.  Now on to how are the Republicans going to handle the spotlight.  Do they go with a low-key “nothing to see here” and try to sweep this under the rug by Ground Hog Day and get accused of being co-conspirators with Trump?  Or do they subpoena the Bidens and Schiff and Clint Eastwood (just for gravitas) and keep the Senate in session all through the Democratic primaries jacking up Elizabeth Warren’s and Bernie Sanders’ campaign.  I don’t know what’s better.  I know what’s worse. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not represent your views… and that’s okay :)

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