3 More Reasons to be Against Abortion

I’ve written articles in the past on Abortion (here for instance).  But I have some additional thoughts with this new Klopfer case.  Basically, this guy was an unborn baby serial killer.  He had 2,246 different remains from babies he aborted over the years. He kept them like little trophies in his house.  Sick stuff.  In case you forgot, Gosnell did something similar but just with hands and feet.  Man, those guys were messed-up.  But reading some of the police findings on the Klopfer case (just go Google his name and you’ll find what I found), I thought of a couple new horrific things about abortion.  Some unintended consequences if you will that I know the pro-choice crowd is against (as obviously everyone should be against them.)

1) Abortion Protects Rapists and Human Traffickers

2) Abortion Desensitizes Us to Children Suffering and Evil in General

3) Abortion Demands More Abortion and Death

Why am I making such outrageous claims?  Well, this is what I’ve observed, tell me where I’m wrong.

1) Abortion Protects Rapists and Human Traffickers

Two particular abortions in Klopfer’s history are especially troubling to me and they help put an exclamation point on a horrific trend.  Klopfer aborted the babies of 2 young girls, one 13 and the other 10 years old who were raped by a family member.  The parents didn’t want to press charges and so the abortions were conducted and then everyone lived happily ever after.  HOLY CRAP!  Whenever the abortion debate is being talked about in any forum, the cases of rape and incest are immediately brought up for us pro-lifers to have to wrestle with.  But here’s the truth.  Rape and incest are being covered-up because of abortion!  Before you start claiming that this is just 2 cases by a sick, twisted individual – you are wrong.  Project Veritas has dozens of undercover videos of them posing various questions to different abortion clinics (mostly Planned Parenthood) all around the nation.  A few years back they uncovered that these offices were selling various aborted body parts and it hit the Internet in a big way, but their other videos had just as heinous information.  They posed as women who were raped and asked if they could remain anonymous. The various clinicians at the numerous offices made continual comments that what they were sharing was common and everything would in fact be confidential.  The infiltrating hidden video journalists shared scenarios of being rape by friends, family members, and teachers and all were shrugged off like it was commonplace.  One famous video had an adult man accompanying a young looking girl and asking questions that a human trafficker would ask.  “Do they have to have a parental signature?”  “Do you have to report anything even if the girls are really young?” “If I pay in cash do you need my name?”  “Can I set an appointment for several girls at once?” “How soon can they be sexually active after the procedure?”  Every question was answered with the utmost courtesy and professionalism.  What? What?!? WHAT!!! How do you not call the police or break his knee caps yourself or send his picture to John Wick?  I think people are sincere when they say, “what about rape and incest?  Should we allow for abortion in this instance?”  But the truth is, women are getting raped and children are getting raped and instead of prosecuting these monsters we are covering up crimes.  I can see the many challenges that women face by pointing out their attackers, and we need to eliminate some of the barriers women face in doing that.  But the facts are that women are way too often going the route of abortion and silence instead of fighting to put a rapist behind bars and protect future women from becoming victim’s themselves.

2) Abortion Desensitizes Us to Children suffering and Evil in General

The assumption back in the day was if you allow abortion there would be less children who are abused because there wouldn’t be any unwanted children.  Well, there is no statistic to substantiate that claim. Child abuse is technically rising since the 70’s but it’s also true that more cases are being reported because schools are doing their job (even if abortion clinics aren’t doing theirs.) What I think might be happening is that since we have devalued life in the womb we are subsequently devaluing life outside the womb.  Children are being talked about as burdens and not blessings. Children should be limited. Populations are out of control, right?  Now at first thought I want to say that not all abortion doctors are psychopaths like Klopfer and Gosnell.  I don’t think they all keep thousands of dead baby parts in their homes.  (And let’s not equate this to a doctor keeping the golf ball sized kidney stone he pulled out of somebody.)  But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if abortion doctors aren’t all psychotic.  Not every Nazi tortured, experimented on, and systematically exterminated Jews. Some probably had no idea what was really going on.  But the “doctors” that were tried at Nuremburg were soulless monsters who somehow descended into the pure evil they were committing.  I know advocates try to pretend fetuses are a clump of cells, but I can tell you who knows that’s not true.  Abortion doctors who suck little babies out with a tube and have to cut bigger babies up into little pieces before suctioning them.  There are dozens of doctors who have shared on YouTube videos, written articles, and testified before congress that they literally just couldn’t do it any more because they were just broken beyond repair about what they were doing.  That’s how a normal person would react.  My only conclusion is that doctors who have been performing these acts into the thousands are not normal.  You can be any doctor you want to be.  Go be a podiatrist or a proctologist if you like gross stuff.  Abortion nurses can literally work at a 100,000 places.  People that keep performing abortions must not have access to their conscience.  Again, you can have all the reasons in the world why you think women should have this choice, but I can’t understand the medical personnel who perform them and discard the little bodies of children who eventually stop moving.

3) Abortion Demands More Abortion and Death

The mantra of the Pro-choice crowd in the early years was – Safe, Legal, Rare.  In the years since we have found them not to be particularly safe physically, emotionally, (or spiritually); they continually have legal disputes surrounding them since lawmakers rarely have written actual legislation on abortion; and no one would describe them as “rare.”  Praise the Lord that abortion rates have slowed a bit in recent years but the numbers are still staggeringly high.  Late term abortion is just craziness. We now have the medical expertise of taking the baby out safely and just let the little guy grow in the NICU for a couple more weeks.  Get that baby all nice and ripe to go home with a loving family.  And if one more person says, “when there are no more kids in foster care then we can talk;” then they have no idea how the foster care system works.  Most kids are going to be placed back with a parent or other family member and the kids eligible for adoption are older and/or dealing with some sort of handicap.  Because I can tell you, there is no overstock of healthy babies out there.  Those little one are snatched up faster than free Beyonce tickets (ironically both actually cost like $10,000.)  Abortion seems to be always expanding.  More abortions.  Later abortions.  A majority of people who have had an abortion will have multiple abortions. There are real academia talks on the permissiveness of infanticide.  There are actual published, peer-reviewed articles on why we should allow parents to kill their children from anywhere from 2 days to 2 years old. Abortion is a doctrine of death. Child sacrifices have been around for thousands of years to false gods and idols.  We are just sacrificing these children to the false god and idol of modern America… my selfish ambition and me.  Just like we seem to be seeing a growing number of mass shootings (and that’s a discussion for another day), I think we are going to see a growing number of abortion doctors with once living trophies adorning their home. Because when you start going down the wide road of sin, it leads to destruction.  Sin always begets more sins.  Sin always keeps us longer than we want to stay and takes us farther than we want to go.  There will be more of these stories on these “aberrant” abortion doctors. Mark my words.

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