A Worldview of Racism

I’ve written about Worldviews before in Worldviews Simplified So if you don’t know what I mean by Worldviews feel free to brush-up there. Now, I want to apply the discussion of worldviews by looking at how each worldview looks at the different races. This is not to say that certain worldviews are more prone to racism than others. However, there are tenants in certain worldviews that can more readily preserve racist beliefs.

Racist Naturalism

This is the belief that humans are ever evolving, and there will be certain races that are higher on the evolutionary food chain. White people invented evolution so they tend to claim they are the most evolved. But humans, in general, have no intrinsic value. In fact, our presence and excessive breeding with no natural predators is actually killing the planet and we will be the cause of the next extinction-level event. So the more people that die will actually prolong our species survival.

Non-racist Naturalism

There’s no scientific evidence to determine which race is actually genetically superior.

Racist Eastern Pantheism

There are higher-class beings and lower-class ones. It’s great to be a cow but crappy to be a dung beetle (see what I did there.) The same is true for humans. To be born in a lower-class means you deserve it. This is as much political and economical as it is racial and cultural. Lower classes deserve the plight they endure. The death of such a person is a blessing if they lived a “good” and “sacrificial” life for they will reincarnate as someone better next time.

Non-racist Eastern Pantheism

We are all one and connected… and Karma.

Racist New Ageism

There’s nothing objectively true here. It’s such a grab bag of spiritual beliefs that it’s hard to even list all the possible ways that racism could infect it. In many ways, New Age beliefs stem from individuals blending naturalistic, pantheistic, and deistic beliefs. So, in all the ways those groups can be racist, the new ager can be racist in all of those ways.

Non-racist New Ageism

I don’t want to be a racist.

Racist Deism

When there is a God who is not involved in His creation than value becomes individualistic and not intrinsic. What that means is that value is not based on our creation for it is not particularly special or of any real value. God doesn’t value us all that much so it is up to an individual to determine what is valuable to him or her. If people or even whole groups of people don’t have any value for someone than they can treat them however they wish. If an individual or group of individuals had enough power to do so, they might wish to oppress a whole race of people. They would justify their actions by their belief that if they weren’t “better” then they wouldn’t have been able to oppress them.

Non-racist Deism

All men were originally created equal.

(For this last point of theism I’m going to deal directly with Christianity. Yes there are theistic beliefs outside of Christianity for sure, but really I was just building to this point because most of my readership are Christians and will thus spend the most time on this point.)

Racist Theism (Christianity)

There’s essentially 2 ways to be a racist “Christian.” One way is to believe that God has chosen specific groups of people (outside of Biblical evidence) to carry on His legacy and work. And, He of course chose “my” race. This special anointing must thus be preserved through purity in breeding and the rejection of cultural influences of other races. In the same way God made the Israelites His chosen people and told them not to intermarry or adopt the customs of the surrounding nations so too must “we” do the same.

The other way to be a “Christian” racist is to believe that certain races have been cursed by God. Ham did some weird naked stuff with his dad Noah – Africa’s Cursed! Ishmael was born out of wedlock – Arab’s Cursed! The Pharisees killed blue-eyed Jesus – Jews Cursed! Paul was turned away from the East and toward Europe – Asia’s Cursed! Catholics worship the Virgin Mary – the Brown Peoples south of us Cursed! Anybody I believe took my job even though I had terrible work ethic – Cursed, definitely Cursed!

Non-racist Theism (Christianity)

God created human beings. He created them “very good.” The first man was specifically designed by God physically and breathed His very own life into Him. This first man’s wife was “cloned” from him. Unfortunately those first 2 humans brought sin into the world, and all future humans were born with a sin nature (thus racism and all other sins are possible.) However, humans still retained the image of God (although it was broken and in need of God’s repair.) All humans pass their God-given value down to their children. God even specifically knits people together in their mother’s womb. All humans thus have intrinsic value because their creator has given them value. As another reminder that we are all one-human race, God destroyed the earth filled with wicked people, and started humanity over again with Noah’s family. All races of the earth come from him just a few thousand years ago. We were first separated by language at the Tower of Babel, and thus finally traveled to different parts of the globe. Certain cosmetic traits then became more prominent in some populations than in others. Finally, when Jesus arrives we seem him first arrive as the Messiah to the Jewish people. God did not select the Israelites from amongst the nations. He chose a person in Abraham in which to make a new nation, a nation that would eventually bring forth the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. As He died on the cross and rose from the dead, His Gospel and message of Salvation was to go out to all people of the earth – Jews and Gentiles alike. The first converts were Jewish, followed by Arab and African. In a few years white-European and western-Asians trusted Christ too. In time, the Gospel will reach every tribe, tongue, and nation on the planet. We are no longer citizens of the world; we have a new citizenship and a new people who we will eventually meet in Heaven.

It is impossible to have any racist tendencies at all if you simply obey what God’s word has to teach. You are to treat others, as you would want to be treated. You are to love others as yourself. You are to bring the Gospel to every person you might come in contact with. No one is worthy of the Gospel, including you and your ancestors. That’s why it had to be a free gift in which Jesus paid the cost. Jesus was human, the best human (God too… God too… settle down Bible college students.) He had to be so He could share the grace He earned on the cross with His fellow human beings. In any way you might view yourself as “better” than another human being or another race of people, be sure you are wrong. For God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

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