God is Light

Light has an interesting story arch in Scripture. In the first few verses in Genesis our World starts out in darkness until God says, “Let there be Light.” Now there’s no Sun or Moon to produce that light. God must be emanating that light from Himself. The final verses in Revelation 21 says exactly that. The Light of Eternity is coming directly from the Lamb, Jesus Christ, Himself. No Sun or Moon required. But let’s look deeper at this concept of “Light” and how it relates to God:

Light Makes the Universe Knowable

If God continued His creation without creating light, we could never experience it fully. Even the vastness of His creation can be enjoyed because the Universe is filled with light. Likewise it reveals sin. When we see light rays coming through a window, we see dust floating in the air. The light didn’t make the dust; it revealed it.

Light Represents Purity

In many instances, the reference to light is a reference to purity. Light is completely pure. There is nothing else “mixed in.” There can never be partial light, or half light.  Light is always complete in itself.  Light even purifies. It dries things up and melts things down.

Darkness is the Absence of Light, not the Opposite of It

Darkness cannot even comprehend light, let alone overcome it. Darkness and light are not fighting for space. When light enters a room it pierces through it without effort. Jesus is not hindered by the World at all. Whenever He chooses to act, His Will overcomes the World without effort.

Light Brings Life

Nothing can grow without light; and everything that grows is alive. So Light is necessary for life. But beyond this, there’s a representation of eternal life. Light represents the eternity we experience in Heaven and Darkness represents the eternity in the Lake of fire. Heaven in a land without night, and Hell is without Day.

God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5), and in Jesus is life, and the perfected light of mankind (John 1:4.)

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