Christianity vs American Christianity vs #Merica

Entertainment weekly used to put out this list of In, 5-min Ago, and Out. For instance: Hillsong… Chris Tomlin… Carmen or ESV… NIV… KJV. That’s where I got this idea. To me, there is a growing gap between Christianity and what I guess I’ll label as American Christianity. Then there’s this 3rd category of “#Merica” that maybe started as some sort of distant cousin to Christianity but is just kind of Americana now. I think the purpose of me making this list is to hopefully use humor to communicate truth. Hopefully you have seen how some americanisms have slipped into our Christianity. The problem is that this causes Christianity to become diluted and impure. The Gospel can become unclear to a lost and dying world. A wedge can be formed that distracts people from Christ, the church, and the Christian community. We Christians in America need to right the ship. We need to begin to reflect the truths in Scripture and begin exemplifying the one we claim to follow. So here’s my list of Christianity, American Christianity, and #Merica. Hopefully you “get it.” Otherwise, sorry, and I’ll see you next week about this time.

Jesus Only… Jesus First… Baby Jesus

Prayer for Direction… Prayer for Blessings… Prayer for Touchdowns

Jesus saved me… I accepted Jesus in my heart… Jesus is my homeboy

Bible = True… Bible = Helpful… Bible = Boring

Acts 4:12… John 3:16… Two Corinthians

Chronicles of Narnia… Lord of the Rings… Harry Potter

Matt Chandler… Joel Osteen… Oprah

Turn the Other Cheek… Eye for an Eye… Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

My Money is God’s… Some of my Money is God’s… Money is God

Church is life… Church is fun… I went to Church last Christmas

Elder meetings… Business Meetings… 1pm Kickoff

Discipleship… Bible College… Chicken Soup

Nicene Creed… Creeds? Just give me Jesus… Apollo Creed

I’m the worst sinner… Homosexuals are the worst sinners… Don’t Worry about Sin

Giving… Tithing… Tipping

Missions… Charity dinners… Booster Club

Worship is a Lifestyle… Worship is Music… Worship is Funny Lookin’

Freedom in Christ… Freedom of Religion… Freedom from Muslims

I can love everyone… I can love everyone like me… I can love me

America needs God… God wants America… God needs America

Have any more to contribute?

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2 thoughts on “Christianity vs American Christianity vs #Merica

  1. You had me laughing all the way through. But Iat the same time I was cringing on the inside at rhe sqd reality of it all. Towards the end I was almost crying because 80% or more of the people who think they are going to Heaven are headed to a Christless eternity …..

  2. Faithful attendance and participation in one church 3x/wkly, church hopping depending on the ministries/aspects one most needs and best connects with, church on a podcast …my progression anyway.

    This post was very clever and all to real.

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