6 Questions I Want to Ask a Demon

Right off the bat, I want you to know that I absolutely do not want to speak to a demon… like ever. That sounds terrifying. But I do have some questions that I’m wondering.


1) Are You Trying to Win?

I guess the picture we all get in our head is that it’s Angels vs. Demons. (Read this as the movie trailer voice-over guy) In a world where angels and demons are locked in a centuries long battle over the souls of men, who will prevail? (end movie trailer voice) Well, everyone in church has heard someone say, “I’ve read the end of the book and we win.” What I’m wondering is, what are demons doing? Have they been drinking the kool-aid and think they can win? Do they know they’ve lost and are just trying to bring down as many people to Hell with them as they can? I am simply confused by their motivation to keep-on keepin’ on.


2) What the Heck Were You Thinking?

Really, I suppose I wonder what it was that got them to rebel against God? How do you see God with all His glory and reject Him? Perhaps it was some other kind of sin? I’ve speculated that maybe Satan and his Legion of Doom didn’t like that God made us in His image or that they thought we should be mere slaves or something, but God made us His children instead. But maybe I’m way off. I wonder what their reason of rebellion was?


3) What Superpowers Do You Have?

I feel reasonably confident that you can go invisible, that you can shape shift and are super-strong. I know you can posses a host. We’ve seen both humans and pigs possessed in Scripture. Can you fly like an Angel? Are you as fast as The Flash? Can you hear humans thoughts like Professor X? Can you put thoughts in our minds like in the movie Inception? Can you cause bad whether like Storm? Can you teleport like Nightcrawler? What other superpowers do you have?


4) Can You Get Hurt?

Again the picture I have of spiritual warfare is that of angels fighting demons and maybe my videogame warped mind has just visualized something not even close to what it’s actually like in real life. But if you fight, can you be injured?  I know if I were to write a movie script with demons, I would do something like if you get your head chopped off or get stabbed in the heart then you go directly Hell. You do not pass Go and you do not collect $200. But I know that you don’t have organs like a nervous or cardiovascular system. So why would that “kill” you? I would only put it in a script for the conflict. But if there is fighting and no one gets hurt or killed then can their really be fighting? I don’t know.


5) What’s Possession Like?

Do people have to give you control in some way? Do you have some kind of mind fight in their subconscious? Can you just possess any non-believer that you want? I feel pretty strong that demons can’t possess Christians, but am I wrong to assume that? But more importantly than that, what’s the point? Is it just to scare people? Or hurt people? Does it protect you in some way?   It’s definitely crazy.


6) Are You Jealous of Lucifer?

There’s no doubt, Satan gets all the attention. You work hard and do whatever it is that you do, and people blame Satan. You’re like, “My name is Phil, Lucifer ain’t got time for you.” So do you get jealous of his name recognition. Is he that much stronger than you that you are scared of Him? But this brings me back to whether or not you can get hurt. This is tough stuff.


I’m sure I have more questions if I really think about it, but 6 seemed like a good number to stop at. (#omen) I can’t state this strongly enough that demons and demonic powers are never something to mess around with. In Jude, not even the Archangel Michael would bring an accusation against Satan. I am intrigued by spiritual warfare though and have done extensive study on the issue. Ask any other questions you might have on this topic in the comments below and I’ll either add them to the list if it doesn’t have an answer or give my best understanding if it does.


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2 thoughts on “6 Questions I Want to Ask a Demon

  1. Interesting demon questions. I have one – does Satan give you assignments or does he just give a general “wreck havoc” and you have cart blanche? I love the depiction of demons in the book This Present Darkness
    (That would make the greatest movie – maybe with Del Toro directing….) I think that’s what it’s really like. Gastly gargoil type deacon creatures on you back with their disgusting talons imbedded in your heart or your brain…etc. Hard to break away from, demon influence! Pray definitely works against spiritual warfare. Loved that Imitator piece you did on Spira Tualatin warfare, to that Effanessence song. Stay prayed up!….lots of demons down there in Mexico!

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