Jailed: When Christians Are No Longer the Majority


I always try to put myself in others’ shoes. But there’s no doubt, things always seem clearer from a distance and with hindsight. Although I know what I would do if I was that county clerk, Kim Davis, that refused to sign the marriage license of the gay couple; I am not going to share it with you all. It will only infuriate half of you, and you’ll tune me out. Anyways, I am more bothered by people who are treating this story like it’s cut-and-dry and obvious what this Christian should do. It’s a weirder story than you think. I’ll share the 3 most unexpected aspects. A) Kim Davis is a Democrat. B) The Judge is a Republican. C) She’s in jail for contempt of not following the Judge’s order to follow the law… NOT for not following the law itself.  The state-legislature can just fire her, but they haven’t. The Judge can’t legally fire her, so he threatened her with an ultimatum to either resign, sign the marriage certificate, or be in contempt of court.   No matter if you think it’s right for her to call on her religious liberty as to why she did not sign the paper is irrelevant. If you believe this is a first amendment issue, she should be allowed not to sign, and someone else should be brought in to sign the marriage certificate. If you don’t believe this is a first amendment issue, and she’s just breaking the law, then she should be fired. There is no scenario where she should be in jail. She didn’t punch the gay couple in the face. She didn’t steal their $124 marriage license fee. Over these last few years, tons of county clerks “illegally” signed marriage certificates for gay couples before the Supreme Court ruling, and not one of them were jailed for the illegal signing of a federal document. We should only take away people’s freedom in the most extreme of situations. If congress passes a law that says “All County Clerks must issue marriage certificates to everyone who requests one or they will be fined up to $5,000 and receive no less than 30 days in prison,” then I would agree that Kim Davis should be in jail. But no law has been passed. If the judge thought she committed a hate crime, then get a jury, and let’s get our Law and Order on, but to just hold her in contempt is against everything that I thought America believed in.

What has finally hit me is that America is no longer a majority Christian nation. Probably half my Facebook friends are screaming at me, D’uh!  Sorry, I work at 2 jobs and all my co-workers are Christians. (I work at a church and a Christian college.) So if we are not a majority Christian nation any more, what are we? Most tend to go with that we are a secular society, or that we are now science driven, or something to that effect. But I noticed something interesting as I studied this one particular ancient document that I happen to have a copy of. (You can check my research out for yourself. Go to your favorite search engine and type “Bible.”) Throughout the ages, God’s people are arrested (or worse) when they are in a society where they are in the religious minority. For instance, Joseph was jailed in Egypt where they worshipped nature and the Pharaoh. Sampson was jailed in Philistia where they worshipped Baal, Astarte, and Dagon which were mostly centered around open-sexual practices. Jehoiachin was jailed by the Babylonians who were probably worshipping Moloch around that time, which basically meant a child-sacrifice equaled good luck.   Then there’s Peter who was imprisoned for teaching bad theology (i.e. The Gospel). The Jewish leaders loved their power and if people could just accept Jesus as their Savior, then they wouldn’t need them. Paul was put in jail several times. One time, he cast out a demon out of a psychic chick and the dudes that were pimping her out got upset that their gravy train lost her magical powers so they had Paul arrested for essentially disrupting the economy. Another time Paul was arrested basically for not worshipping Caesar (I guess was their reasoning.) When I look at all this, I notice a pattern. When God’s people mess up the status-quo of the religious elite (which in many cases was also the political elite) then they get thrown in the slammer to teach them a lesson of who’s in charge.

So 5 things prevailed in these primitive, ancient religions – worship of nature, sexuality, child-sacrifices, false gods, and the powerful. Huh. I actually see those exact things in our society. Our advanced, secular, science-driven society looks strangely like ancient Egypt, Philistia, Babylon, and Rome. The reasons for these actions may be different, but the result is the exact same.

1) Worship of Nature/Climate Change

Society tries to say I’m a science-denier. I actually think we might be causing global warming, but I just don’t see the science behind it. We’ve been observing temperatures for about 150 years. Tell me again how that’s an adequate sample size based on how old the planet is to determine if the climate is actually fluctuating out of whack? I know humans are hurting the environment. I just don’t know the solution. Millionaires flying their jets to conferences on climate change is certainly not the answer. The government taxing me, and hiring a whole bunch more experts isn’t solving anything either. It’s just making more millionaires to fly in more jets. Here’s where the rubber meets the road, there are a growing number of people that think it would be better for a few billion people to die than for the planet to get a fever. If you are more concerned with a big beach ball floating through space than a human being created in the image of God, it means that you worship nature over God. You’re no different than the ignorant religious folks of yesteryear.

2) Worship of sexuality/Gay Marriage

Society tries to say I’m on the wrong side of history. Open sexual practices, prostitution, homosexuality, orgies, and much, much more, is nothing new. These sexual acts have been around since the beginning of time. Mostly they were practiced as worship to different fertility gods or engaged in during certain festivals. God warned of the consequences that such a lifestyle brings. The rampant sin results in more sin and more self-destruction. As a Christian, I want people to know how incredible it is to truly be obedient to God and worship Him for who He is. But, from a political point of view I want what the pilgrims and the writers of the constitution wanted. I want people to get to do whatever they want as long as they aren’t hurting another person. If people have self-destructive behaviors, that’s on them (and hopefully they have family and friends to help them.) I know the LGBT community and supporters of it might hate me for saying I think their behavior is self-destructive. But I don’t hate them, in fact warning them is an aspect of love.  I certainly would never want to do anything to harm another human being. Why are people who simply do not agree with gay marriage being attacked?   Why does anybody care what someone else thinks? It feels like a religious attack. If you do not agree with the religious majority then you are condemned and vilified! Maybe they learned it from hate-filled Christians from years past. But again, my statement that it feels more like a religious attack than anything still stands.

3) Worship of child-sacrifices/abortion

Society tries to say I’m against women’s rights. The blogger (who has a few more followers than me) Matt Walsh was the first person I’ve read to bring up this issue that abortion is a religion to the political left. I never thought of it like that before. But the vitriol that is in support for this violent act is eye opening. It seems like abortion is treated like dogma. It is untouchable and unquestionable. Science can’t persuade it. Logic can’t alter it. Opposition can’t deter it. Those are marks of religious worship, not a medical procedure.

4) Worship of false gods/multiculturalism

Society tries to say I’m a racist. Read my words carefully. I believe all races are equal in importance and quality. I don’t believe all cultures are equal though. I believe Quakers were a better culture than Nazis. I believe Rastafarians are better culturally than Islamic Terrorists. I believe the American Dream is better than White-Supremacy. I believe a culture driven by hard-work is better than a culture of corruption. I believe a culture of mutual respect is better than a culture of mass genocide. I ultimately believe that the culture Jesus wants in His Kingdom is better than anything man has produced. Societies with cultural qualities similar to Christ’s teachings are better than those who aren’t. I think there were certainly moments in our American history where we united together under this single idea that All Men Are Created Equal. People left their antiquated cultures behind to follow this new ideal. Now, the idea that American culture is no better than any other culture is being crushed into us. God warned His people that no other gods are as good as Him. Now when I try to relate that to culture, I’m not saying that my culture is better than your culture. I’m saying that both of our cultures should seek ultimate truth and seek ultimate good. To say that all cultures are equal ignores truth and goodness. This worship of multiculturalism tries to destroy anyone who wants to worship individually and differently than the whole. It’s religious bigotry, not freedom of religion.

5) Worship of the Powerful

Society tries to say I’m a rebel. I’ll end on this one, because I don’t think anyone will disagree with me. The truly powerful think the rules don’t apply to them. That we all work to make their lives better. There are powerful politicians, bankers, investors, and pastors. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, I don’t care who you are. The powerful think they should be honored and recognized and applauded. They deserve nothing. Even Spider-man new that with great power comes great responsibility. When a nobody, tries to stand in the way of a somebody, they get crushed. The powerful have to keep the powerless in ignorant darkness. It’s how they keep their power, and when someone speaks against them, the things they hold dear are threatened to be taken away. I don’t know if religions invented this behavior or just perfected it, but a tiny, little 500 year period in world history called the Dark Ages was a result of the powerful trying to keep their control over the less powerful. Nothing has changed. It’s a religious attribute to make yourself so needed by the people so they’ll never try to usurp your power. Setting yourself up as someone to worship is a great way to gain uncontested loyalty. This is a position only the Creator and Savior of the world should have. When a human (or anything else) tries to slide into that spot, they are sure to deliver destruction.

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